Kiyoshi Ichimura Story


The founder of the Ricoh Sanai Group celebrates his father, the great man who left big achievements in Miyaki town and Saga Prefecture.

On April 4, 190, Mr. Ichimura was living in the Ichihara area of Miyaki-machi, where the Ciriku Doi Park was located. He graduated from the local Kitashigeyasu Elementary School and entered the prestigious Saga Prefectural old system Saga Junior high School. However, he dropped out of Saga Junior High School for two years in the second semester, and started peddling vegetables mainly in Kurume city next to the family, helping the household. Mr. Ichimura is helping to dig this hasuike's lotus roots from an early age and has been looking back later on as a painful memory of winter time. At this time, Mr. Ichimura is 14 years old. It was the first step as a society person too early.

Mr. Ichimura, who has overcome numerous challenges and became president of Ricoh Corporation, has diversified the company and is pushing the company to become a big company called "Ricoh" of the world with Inborn's analytical power, observational power, and persistence. As well as corporate activities, Ichimura Memorial Gymnasium in Saga City, donated by the Kitamayasu Elementary School auditorium of Miyaki Town, and a large donation to the Chiriku Hachimangu Shrine, the thoughts of his hometown was very deep.

That is why Mr. Ichimura, who was at the age of 68, died too early in 1969, prior to the merger of Miyaki Town, former Kitashigeyasu town, has presented the title of honorary townspeople to Ichimura. In 2018, when the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration was celebrated, we decided to develop this signboard to introduce Mr. Ichimura, who established Ichimura as "The great man of Miyaki town" and received the support of Saga Prefecture's 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration Grant. We, Miyaki-machi, and Saga citizens, do not forget the achievements and personalities of Mr. Ichimura, and pledge to honor Ichimura in the future as a guideline for each person's life.


≪ City Village Kiyoshi Story: Episode1 ≫

Credit, not money

The grandfather who was in anticipation that it was difficult to go on to the school from poverty to an elementary school age which was excellent at the study gives one cow to Kiyoshi who was the elementary school lower grade. It was from the thought that it was likely to be able to do the tuition of the junior high school if the cow was raised carefully and the child was born. The pleased Kiyoshi used a little allowance for the bait fee of the cow, and raised it carefully. However, it takes the cow as a subrogation of the tax arrears when the child might have come to be born. It was a desperate resistance to Kiyoshi dynasty, but I had no choice but to give it up by my grandfather and father. The Kiyoshi "It was not possible to consent by all means" in the heart, and it is thought that it is possible to find one part of the bud in this event etc. that it came not to be transferred by trying a thorough rebellion against power and the gold power as long as I did not consent in later years ".

Kiyoshi was thorough when faced with the power and power of others, but he was indifferent about his assets. "Since I have grown up in a poor house that eats and doesn't eat, I have to be very fine with money if I say it from the ordinary. However, it is a strange story to say for myself, but I have little attachment to money, "Kiyoshi said. Moreover, ' the most important one is trust in any case though it is said that a lot of people are even money. Trying to save money is very tiring, but you have to work hard to get credit. Then, money will follow by itself. This was the belief of Kiyoshi. It is a positive Kiyoshi episode which is a food of life by sublimated the success experience in the poor boyhood and later years in me better.


≪ City Village Kiyoshi Story: Episode2

Servants are collaborators

In 1929, when Kiyoshi was 29 years old, the company inherited the rights of Yoshimura Shokai, the Kyushu General Agency of RIKEN, and when he opened an independent practice at Haruyoshi Shijukawa in Fukuoka City, Kiyoshi hired the first three clerks. It is a result of the expectation that the work of the shop is offload out by the power only of Ichimura couple. All three clerks are 14 or 5-year-old boys who have just left the high school, so to speak, the use of Yoshimura Shokai. However, the first thing the Qing thought and executed in the position of using people was to give them a heartfelt favor. Qing was a boy who had not forgotten the incident that dropped out because of poor life. "The junior high School and the university drop out, and it is not the one that the person who has come here somehow really does not have the cooperation from the mind in order to make work big. The servant is a coworker of the business. "Kiyoshi has executed it as a belief from this time.

It makes it to "Kimiza" when the Kiyoshi and Mrs. Yukie call the servant, and the salary increases sixty percent of the market price. He said that his three meals and his work hours were all equivalent to his employer, Kiyoshi. Because there was no child treasure in the Ichimura couple, it was to have valued it naturally and mentally like my children.

The company is committed to the employer and the employer is sincere in his company. It is an episode which becomes the base of "three love Spirit" that the Kiyoshi advocated immediately after the war.

The Spirit of Love: "Love the People, love the country"


≪ City Village Kiyoshi Story: Episode3 ≫

[The proposal of the three-love Spirit]

In the scorched earth after the Second World War, the first time I cut the way out of the business to the service sector explored was to seek the working place of the hundreds of demobilized employees on the shoulder, but if you look big, the world in the future It was because it was thought that it did not have the meaning of existence if it was not a company which connected to peace ".

Why does mankind on Earth repeat such a serious struggle? I finally concluded that "love" must be the basis of the work that I do in the future. First of all, I love people. Let's expelled the idea that it is good even oneself thoroughly.

To love a person is not to be rich in life. It is "to love work" still in it. There is no environment where you can work happily, and you cannot build a rich life. Therefore, I cited the paragraph "Love work". Work the ingenuity and the job gets more and more interesting. The appearance of man who is dedicated to work is very sacred. The technology of the work itself is also adept. It comes to be able to think about others, and to love the person because life can afford it if it is made to be handpicked rapidly and the position in the office rises. If we go that far as an individual, we will soon become the love of society, and that will lead to a "loving country" spirit. It might become original to eliminate the perfection phenomenon of the human evil like the war.

When this is my "triaiism", and the work of the service sector is started, it is a reason which named "Three Love" to the shop. I want to pursue this big proposition by business management. It is not a mere profit pursuit but the entrepreneur who flows something humanism to the bottom is made a creed. Moreover, it is not hesitation to affirm that only the creed is a root to truly prosper the business.

Excerpts from "The aim of that" (Yuki Shobo [1964] Publishing)


≪ City Village Kiyoshi Story: Episode4 ≫

[Creativity to produce things in prison life]

In 1922, the Kyoei Bank of Japan, which serves as the Kiyoshi Dynasty, establishes a joint-day Daito Banking company. Kiyoshi hopes to change his job to Daito Bank and will be appointed to the Daito Bank Beijing head office.

However, in 1927, the year when Kiyoshi was 27 years old, the financial crisis that remained in history began. Daito Bank and the parent bank's Kyoei Savings Bank could not escape the wave of this financial crisis, and it was driven to bankruptcy. In the end, Kiyoshi had been arrested on suspicion of embezzlement by the Shanghai Consulate General of Justice. Because it is a suspect that is not to be learned, Kiyoshi also have to repeat the denial, and sometimes endure the interrogation close to torture, it seems to have endured the detention for 150 days until bail.

There were three other arrests of Kiyoshi in the narrow cell, and the burning solitary cell life that was steaming. One day, men hands the boredom, "I want to do shogi" and consult with Kiyoshi, after a while thinking, in-depth planning, shogi board, four-person wooden pillow, pieces of toilet paper core, to write a few days to take advantage of the melted soot and water collected over the years, It seems to have completed a pair of shogi sets at last.

After that, Kiyoshi said to his younger brother, Shigeto Ichimura.

"There is no one which cannot be created if it observes calmly even in the environment isolated from the people of the cell, and it has concentration power. If there is a ambition, the road is always able to be possible if there is courage. When you lose your courage, the road is closed when you give up. Man's wonder, the preciousness, and it are wisdom which springs infinitely. Use the wisdom that only humans have at any time. 」

It is an episode which often expresses the how of the Kiyoshi which is attached to the purpose, and persistently thinking and squeezing out the idea.


≪ City Village Kiyoshi Story: Episode5 ≫

[Slippers that dissolve the heart]

Kiyoshi will build a two-story "Sanai Building" in Ginza 4-chome, a prime location in Tokyo on August 20, 1946, just one year after the end of World War II, and will start as a flagship store in the service industry.

It is a story of the acquisition of land for the construction of "Sanai building". Kiyoshi decided that the store construction was Ginza from the geographical benefit of the whole of Tokyo. The old woman of head does not shake the neck vertically even if the Kiyoshi is persuaded how much by the family who purveyors of the Empress in the site of the Tabi shop of a long-established place named Saoya where it was a candidate site. "I can't let go of the ancestral land."

On the night of the heavy snow, Kiyoshi visited an old woman who lived in Setagaya, but she could not even meet her. However, the old woman had visited the company of the Kiyoshi of Asakusa Bridge the next afternoon by "It was scolded by the son that it was rude not to meet though the President had purposely visited in the snow and to return." As I walked through the muddy Snowy Road, the tabi was getting soaked wet and the muddy water was bouncing over the hem of the kimono. The girl clerk found the place where the old woman was trying to cover up at the entrance of the building, put it gently, let it take off the dirty tabi, dried it on the stove, and took off the slippers that I wore. She seems to have guided the old woman to the President room while she is socks. The old woman who was impressed by this said to the Kiyoshi so. "To tell the truth, I was going to refuse it clearly, but I changed my mind while I was coming up the stairs just now. 」

There is a woman who is considerate of the person though it was lost to the war, and it thought the world and people's minds to be rough. And, the president who nowadays such employee education is sure to be splendid, and the old woman praised the woman clerk and the Kiyoshi. The old lady made a decision to sell the land, anticipating that the president must surely thrive on the corner of Ginza.

This means that the land of the size that Kiyoshi demands is secured, and it is a translation to undertake the "Sanai building" construction, and it is likely to have been reflected in the employee education because the Kiyoshi still practiced even if the company grows the desire "servant is a coworker".


≪ City Village Kiyoshi Story: Episode6 ≫

What is a man to love?

In the late 1930s, the name of Kiyoshi became widely known by the business community as well as through mass media. In this way, a group of young businessmen and cultural people could be made some day, and the people came to call this "Ichimura school".

The conversation with one of the students of the Ichimura school is conveyed as a downright Kiyoshi episode.

"Mr. Ichimura, is there a way to become a person who is in love with a man? 」

"Can You fall in love? It is a little different from being respected or trusted. 」

"Is it different? 」

No. It is not to be loved if it is not ' great man ' in a word as the head is extremely brave or it is terribly courageous, and it is thick in a very xinyi. But that's not all. 」

「... You say? 」

"To be able to fall in love, I have to expose one or two faults. Man, it will be difficult to lean on too much. Then, respect is made, and it is not able to fall in love from a man or a woman. 」

The beloved faults and humorous failures of the respected partner break through the walls of the unapproachable, and make them feel familiar. When you feel the ' human smell ' of the other party you respect, the person is the principle of ' falls ', the first of the founding philosophy of ' Sanai Spirit ', Kiyoshi, which raised the word "love the person", has a great or disadvantage, and expresses himself without any It was a person who was loved by a lot of people and fell in love.